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How It Started

Imonyx was born in 2017 by founder Isaac. It all started because he couldn’t find rugged simple rings in the UK, coming from a background of creative parents decided to have a go himself. After a few failed attempts he managed to make something that resembled what he had imagined (still has that ring to this day), far from perfect but sparked the passion. After a few people saw it and asked him to make them something similar he decided to get some real silversmith training with a fantastic silversmith family friend. Since then he has been developing his skills and pushing his own boundaries making and creating everything under IMONYX. 



We wanted to create our own slow living lifestyle that encourages a relaxed approach to aspects of everyday life. 

Life isn’t about being fast and furious just kick back and relax, enjoy your time while you have it. 

How We Make It

Made using a few different methods, depending on the feel and the project at hand. Most of the one-offs and custom designs are sand-cast in-house and engraving straight onto metal. 

When creating a new collection or a more permanent member of the family we hand carve wax moulds from scratch and get them cast locally. Using All recycled materials. 


The Maker & Founder

The maker & founder Isaac likes to surf, listen to music and practise deep-rooted procrastination at all times. Currently doing up his t4 Caravelle into a camper surf wagon (a two year-long procrastination project at its finest) 

You will probably find him staring out of a window, drinking a coffee listening to a mixed variety of rock and hip hop thinking about how best to justify another surf trip to himself. 

A necessary task some might say as he finds inspiration comes best whilst daydreaming.  

Sustainability & Low Impact 

In any business, it’s important to be as sustainable as possible and always looking for ways to better improve. We here only make our pieces out of 100% recycled sterling silver or gold. Even when the sprues are cut we recycle them when making custom or one-off pieces. All the packaging we use is recyclable from the box to the cotton drawstring bags. 

Everything is made here in the UK. 90% in house with a few small bits being outsourced. 

Whats to come?

Now looking to the future want to grow into a small functioning business where can keep being creative and having fun whilst catching as many swells as we can. 

As we grow we will be looking for ever more sustainable ways to do things, hopefully, get some merch going on and build a brand that is able to make and create new things and exciting things. Just having fun with it. 

It’s all about low impact, living a slow life with quality over quantity.